Park it.

I‘m a bad mommy.  I hate going to the park.  I’m not one of those mamas who are good at going somewhere just to sit.  And that’s what you do when you take your kids to the park–you sit.  I’m not a good sitter unless it’s in front of the T.V. and Teresa is getting advice from Caroline about how to handle all of her family’s drama.

I’ve tried to take books to read, but it just doesn’t happen.  With two boys at the park, you’ve gotta keep an eye on things.  But yesterday was a beautiful day.  A cool 75 degrees.  I would be nuts not to force the children outside.  However, the one thing I could do was take pictures.

Of course, we made a coffee stop before the park.  Nothing wrong with sipping on a non-fat misto if you’ve gotta sit there.

Love this new sign at the park.  Just in case you don’t understand what it means to pick up after your pet, here’s a visual.

Instead of actually playing basketball, they used the ball to set up booby traps.

The Cheese did a lot of sitting around too.  Apparently, parks aren’t his thing anymore.

The Monkey–always my little poser.

The tornado slide–the one thing that never gets old, or is too old to enjoy.  I enjoyed it as well, I just didn’t let the kids take my picture.

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