Shiny Red Apples

Some moms are sad when the First Day of School comes around.  I am not one of those moms.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the unscheduled days of summer.  The p.j. days that are spent disregarding responsibilities.  But there was something about seeing these backpacks full of new school supplies that made me smile this morning.
You might notice the apples.  It’s a tradition, started by my mother, to take our new teachers apples–real, red and delicious apples–on the first day of school.  The tradition started when I was a teacher and my mom would bring a big basket of apples for my class to have a snack on the first day of school.  It’s a sweet memory to think of my 5th graders so excited to eat a shiny red apple on the first day of school.
It’s also a tradition to take a picture on the front porch on the first day.  They moaned and groaned about having to put arms around each other for this one.  You may notice that this year the Big Cheese opted out of wearing a shirt with a collar.  Last year he got in the car on the first day of school and said, “Mom, don’t ever make me wear one of these shirts ever again.”  So this year, no collar.  Instead of a T-shirt that says, “Bring it!”  Appropriate don’t you think?
Oh, how I love the first day of school.  I always have.  I loved it as a student.  I loved it as a teacher.  I love it as a mother.  And one day, when my boys are all grown up and no longer have a first day of school I will miss it.
But you can bet that I’ll be making sure that my grandchildren have shiny red apples to take to their teachers.

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