Belated spoiler alert!

Apparently, you can tick a lot of people off if you write a Facebook post about an episode of a favorite television series that not every single, solitary person that you are friends with has watched.

I was so sad after last night’s Downton Abbey episode, so heartbroken for the Crawley family, that I woke up needing someone to share in my grief. Yes, I know. It’s stupid to be so emotional about a bunch of fictional characters, but you’ve gotta give it to that Julian Fellows (show’s creator, producer, and writer.) He sure knows how to pull at your heartstrings…and then shock the hell out of you.

So, I turned to Facebook because that is what one does when one needs to grieve; turns to social media. Here is what I wrote (consider yourself forewarned):

Stephenie’s Status: “Still mourning the loss of Lady Sybil. (sniff…)”

Let’s just say, my post wasn’t well received. I wish I had a screenshot of the comments to share with you because people were NOT happy with me for spilling the beans about last night’s episode. People were H-O-T, HOT. They were so upset in fact, that I deleted the post as to not upset anyone any further. Apparently, my post needed to come with a disclaimer: “Do not read if you haven’t watched Episode 4 of Season 3 of Downton Abbey! DO NOT READ! I MEAN IT!”

Since no such disclaimer was given, I replaced it with this:

DVR’S are the problem here, people, not me. Before the invention of the DVR we were all forced to watch our television shows LIVE, in real time. You would have watched, I would have watched, and this, my friends, would have allowed us to gather together around the water cooler to share our feelings. Share how heartbroken we were that they would kill off the prettiest of the three sisters, how mad were at the Sir Whatshisname and Robert for not listening to Dr. Clarkson, how much we sobbed when Cora was saying goodbye to her baby and when Branson was yelling, “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!”
That’s all I was trying to do. Share my Downton feelings around the 2013 water cooler.
And I promise to never do it again. Not until next Monday.

First letter.

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