The one where I talk about my Honey-Do list.

There is nothing I like better than looking back on a day and seeing everything I’ve accomplished. So, looking back on an entire weekend of accomplishments makes me really, really happy.

This weekend I decided to be intentional about getting things done. I had the hubs home for three days straight and I wasn’t going to waste him. I never create a honey-do list for him. (He hates those.) Instead, I try to make my honey-do list that doesn’t exist sound as appealing as possible.
Honey, I want to add a little color to the backyard. Will you go with me to Home Depot to buy flowers?
And before he knows what hit him, he’s covered in dirt and doing most of the work. He’s pulling weeds and fixing sprinkler heads and I’m, well, I’m a happy lady.
That is exactly how our weekend went down. I made several suggestions disguised as “favors” and the hubs dutifully agreed to each. He cleaned out his closet and then promptly took the five (yes, five) large trash bags full of clothes to Goodwill. He took P to the park so B and I could stay home and read our library books (more on that adventure in a future post.) He helped me cook (i.e., he did the grilling) and then helped me clean. The best part was that we did it all together. He is a good husband and I will keep him forever.
Most days, for both me and the hubs, are filled with tasks. Things we have to get done. Things we have to do in order to be successful in life. We aren’t always good at it; good at getting it all done. It’s chaotic. Busy. Hectic. We’re forgetful. We’re disorganized. We get frustrated and embarrassed at our constant lack of ability. And we’re constantly tired. Always tired. And that is what it’s like. Week…after week…after week.
So why on earth would we intentionally fill a weekend, a free weekend together, with more stuff to do?
Why? Because I discovered the hard way that life doesn’t stop just because it’s the weekend. Every weekend can’t be a mini-vacation no matter how much we want it or need it. There are things to do and taking a weekend off only makes those things pile up. And when those things pile up it makes me crazy and I’m no good when I’m crazy. Just ask the hubs. Which, of course, is the reason why he’s always quick and willing to be so helpful around the house. One completed honey-do list a day helps keep the crazy wife at bay.

Yep, there’s nothing I like better than checking everything off of my honey-do list that doesn’t exist. And let’s face it. There’s freedom in getting stuff done. Even when it’s the smallest of things like putting the laundry away, there’s a serious sense of accomplishment when that laundry basket is empty. I realize that makes me sad and pitiful, but I don’t care. Check it off. Sigh. And smile.

Honey…can you do me a favor?

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