The one where I talk about my talented friends.

I have the most talented friends on the planet. No really. I really do. I could write a never-ending blog about all of the talents that my friends possess. Today, I will limit it to one. My friend Kim Frakes.

Kim and I have been friends since the fourth grade. She is dear and precious to me in so many ways. It kills me that we have to live so far apart and I’m reduced to only seeing her a couple of times a year. Especially now that she has started her Sassy Sawdust classes!

In her retirement from teaching (she was a very talented teacher, by the way) she has gone crafting crazy! She’s always been crafty (she makes her own homemade vanilla and has the best handwriting on the entire planet) but she’s recently taken her craftiness to a new level.

Kim has gone jigsaw crazy!

See that darling Easter egg hanging on my door? That’s from one of her “Make and Take” classes. (And since I can’t go to any of her classes and make one for myself, and because she loves me, she made this one especially for me.) She’s had classes where you take home a mitten (for those winter months), a heart, a bird, and most recently, an Easter egg.

The coolest thing about all of this? Kim is taking her talents and putting them to use. And best of all, she’s having fun doing it (and maybe making a little bit of spending money too!) Check out Sassy Sawdust’s Facebook page to learn more about her classes.

Or even better, just have her make you own of these:

I told you. My friends are talented. Crazy talented.

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