I don’t like to move it, move it. Don’t like to…move it.

Tomorrow starts my second week. I’m unsure what to call it. My new diet? My new lifestyle? My new health? My new life? Whatever this is, it’s new. As the saying goes, out with the old…

So far, so good. I’ve avoided sugar and alcohol, even when going to dinner with friends. The restaurant served the wine (that everyone else was enjoying) in these fabulously big glasses that I would have loved sipping out of. But I said no. I drank my club soda with lime happily. That’s right. Happily. (The wine would have made me even happier, but that’s beside the point.)

Unfortunately, my energy level hasn’t gotten much better. This great site that my friend Jennifer recommeded to help me with my switch to a paleo diet said that that the first 2-3 weeks when switching to a paleo diet are hard. Your body is detoxing off of all of the junk that it is used to having. My energy level was already low without a new diet making it worse.

Which brings me to exercise. I don’t like it. I don’t like to exercise. If it happens accidentally, great. Accidentally as in you get a little exercise by walking briskly through Target or carrying clean and dirty laundry up and down the stairs. But on purpose? Yeah, thanks, I’ll pass. I don’t like to sweat. I don’t like to be overheated. Exercise causes both. Honestly, if I could spend the rest of my life not working out,  ever, I’d be a happy lady. But that’s not how it works. I suppose I could never work out again if I wanted to weigh 500 pounds and be unhealthy, but I don’t want that. So that means I have to get up and move it.

So God sent me yoga. Not hot yoga, but plain good ol’ fashioned yoga. That’s right. God sent it to me. I had prayed and prayed to fall in love with exercising, that I find something that I actually enjoyed doing. He knew how much I didn’t like to sweat so He sent me yoga.

I still struggle to get out the door. I am a professional at finding other things to do than work out. But with my new…lifestyle…I’ve made a promise to myself. I’ve promised myself that I will move every day, that I will get up and move and that hopefully that movement will turn into exercise. So I walk the dog or I head to yoga and I never, ever regret it when I do.

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  1. debie

    Ha ha, you described EXACTLY how I feel about exercise. My husband teases me when I tell him I hate exercising because I hate to sweat and get overheated. I shop in Target for 2 hours and call it my exercise routine for the day.
    A while back, I bought a pedometer and wear it every day. It makes me a little more conscious of how much I move on a given day, and sometimes it gives me that extra push to do better the next day, when I've racked up a very low number of steps.
    Glad you found yoga. I never liked yoga much. Maybe Id like pilates..? I've always wished I would get that feeling of endorphins or excitement for having exercised that others talk about, but I never have. I do have a dvd for walking. It has you walk 1, 2 or 3 miles in your living room and its not too bad. I've always wanted to try Zumba, but I'm scared of running out of energy and not being able to make it through the class.
    I know I need to find some kind of exercise that i enjoy, so I can take better care of this body God gave me. For the first time I was told my cholesterol is high. If I don't make some changes I'm going to have a heart attack or get diabetes.
    Keep up with the yoga, I hear it's really a good workout. You got this!

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