"Losing weight is just hard."

If you remember from some of my previous posts, I’ve been waiting several weeks to see my regular doctor to get my lab work done that the naturopathic doctor requested. Walking into the appointment I knew that it was risky; knew that there was a good chance that the doctor wouldn’t order all of the tests that the naturopath was wanting. What I didn’t expect was to leave the appointment disappointed and frankly, offended.

So what are you coming in for today?

This is a new doctor for me. I’ve only seen her once before. She doesn’t know me, doesn’t know my past. I gave her the short version of all of my girly health issues as she stared at me with a blank expression on her face. I then explained all of my current symptoms and what I believed to be the problem (hormones? maybe early menopause?) I told her that I was worried about my inability to lose weight and that the naturopath believed that it probably has something to do with everything else going on with me and that I agreed. I then handed her the prescription for the lab work.

After she explained that she didn’t like requesting lab work from out-of-network doctors, here, in a nutshell, is what she said:

I see over 2,000 patients and I have this same conversation with almost all of them. If losing weight were easy, we wouldn’t have the global weight issues that we have. If you are in early menopause then all of your symptoms are typical. Losing weight is just hard.

I wanted to rip her head off, cover it with chocolate icing, and eat it for lunch.

Here is what I wanted to say back to her:

Losing weight is hard? Really? WOW! I’m so glad you told me! I had no idea. Tell me, Doc, how am I supposed to reconcile the fact that every doctor tells me that I am overweight and should shed a few with the fact that my body won’t let me because I am going through something that I shouldn’t be going through for another good 15 years? Does this make sense to you, because it sure as hell doesn’t make any sense to me. I am here for more than just weight loss. I’m here because I know that something isn’t right with my body and that stupid diploma on your wall says that you’re supposed to help me. Clearly, you have no intention of helping. Basically, you’re telling me that I just have to accept this is for what it is and live with headaches and fatigue and an inability to lose weight–no matter what the hell I dofor the rest of my life. Bullshit. You suck.

Actually, I said something similar but left out all of the sarcasm and cussing.

She ended up ordering and few of the labs and referred me to an OBGYN for the rest. (Yea! Another doctor!) I left wanting to scream, “And this is why we seek out help from alternative doctors! Because you people won’t give us the help that we need!” I’ve never been opposed to traditional medicine, but when you can’t get the help that you need when you feel like your doomed to a life full of feeling less than 100%, you have no choice but to seek out alternative help.

Next week I’ll see the OBGYN who, fingers crossed, will order the rest of my labs. If not, I will most likely have to pay out of my own pocket for the rest. At this point, I’ll pay just about anything NOT to have a doctor look at me and say, “Huh. Sucks to be you.”

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