How the Whole 30 am I doing?

Day 1: This is gonna suck.

Day 2: Okay, this isn’t so terrible.

Day 3: I can do this! I’m tired and have zero energy, but I CAN do this!

Why the change in attitude? Why so positive so fast? Social media. And to think, I almost gave up social media.

Recently, I read this post and this post about the negative effects that social media can have on a person. I agreed with all of their points. They were valid arguments about how things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram can get the best of you. Take the best of you away from the life that is happening around you. Pull you away from paying attention to the loved ones standing right in front of you.

I was just about ready to delete it all. Make a statement. Focus on my life and not everyone else’s. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I live 1,300 miles away from all of my family and friends. Social media has saved me the last 7 years and 6 months that I have lived away. Social media keeps me informed and connected with my loved ones. Heck, social media keeps me connected to my friends that live right here in the same city. You’re shaking your head in agreement because you know what I’m talking about.

As I always do, after finishing yesterday’s blog post, I quickly posted it on Facebook. Within a few hours, I had received several comments. These are just a few:

“Good luck…you can do it!”
“I’m sure you can do it!”
“I’m rooting for you!”
“Yay! Soooooo proud of you. You’ll be soooo grateful you did it. Cheering you on!”
“Andrea and I are currently on day 18…we feel fantastic and are NOT happy about it.”

That last one was my favorite.

I was BEYOND grateful for all of these words of encouragement. Going through a lifestyle change, especially one like changing the way you’ve eaten for the last 40 years, requires support. LOTS of support. You need a community, a cheering section, encouraging you every step of the way. Never question the positive effects of a good cheering section.

Social media is where my cheering section lives. God bless social media.

Another reason for the sudden change in attitude: I’ve been eating more. I realized that on Day 1 we didn’t eat enough. We were hungry and didn’t have to be. The great thing about Whole 30 is that you can eat all of the whole foods you want.* All the meat and veggies that you can handle. If they fall onto the approved list, go for it!

I also didn’t have any caffeine the first day. Big mistake. It’s hard enough to give up sugar, dairy, and bread, but caffeine too? Forget it. Actually, you can still have caffeine on the Whole 30, you just can’t have sweetener or dairy in your coffee. This had me worried because I don’t do black coffee. This meant that I had to buy coconut milk (which is on the approved list) to put in my morning cup of joe. Yesterday was my first day to try it, and you know what? I was actually good! I have never been so happy or enjoyed a cup of coffee so much in my life! Let’s face it, a good cup of coffee can make or break your day. Why else would Starbucks be a 35 BILLION dollar company?

Which immediately makes me wonder…does Starbucks have coconut milk?

Yes, I still have 28 days to go. That cupcake pictured above looks really good, but I don’t want it as much as I did two days ago. There will be plenty of peaks and valleys. Lots of coconut milk to buy. But regardless of the highs and lows, I know that there is a cheering section waiting on Facebook to help me through it all.

No pressure, Facebook friends. No pressure.

*Note: The Whole 30 program does give you guidelines on how much to eat. For example, your protein for each meal should be about the size of your palm and your veggies should fill the rest of your plate. But, the program also says that if you are hungry (truly hungry) and are eating slowly so that your brain can catch up to your stomach, then enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am NO Whole 30 expert. I’m just starting this journey. If this is something that you are interested in, please visit the Whole 30 website here.

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  1. Andrea Leslie

    You go girl! The first week was a huge roller coaster for Craig and I. I totally feel like a rabbit at times…slowly working my way through a 15 lb. bag of carrots. 🙂 We have a ton of great recipes if you need any different things to throw in the mix. Just let me know. Cheering you on from AZ! You are going to feel like a rock star when you get done! xo

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