Little Victories.

 Day 6: I’m impressed with myself.

Full disclosure. I have NEVER made it this far with any kind of diet or “lifestyle change” involving food. Ever. By now I have always caved in. Given up. Succumbed to my desire for all things sugar related. Six days might not belong to some people, but for me, this is a total victory.

Each baby step has been a small victory. The Golfer and I went out for a breakfast date at our local breakfast cafe. Let me tell you, it sucks to order an omelet and hot water with lemon when the people next to are eating pancakes and drinking lattes. Sucks to have to say, “No cheese. No toast. No…not even whole wheat.” Really, really sucks. But we ate our breakfast, felt full, and didn’t hate ourselves afterward. Victory.

The boys had the day off from school yesterday and wanted waffles for breakfast. I decided early on in this deal that just because the Golfer and I are making this change that didn’t mean we had to force the boys into it as well. They shouldn’t be denied the joys of waffles just because their parents can’t indulge. I mean, if there’s ever a time to enjoy waffles and syrup without the guilt it’s when you’re a little kid and don’t know any better.

I’m pretty good about not always having a waffle when I make them for the boys. But yesterday, as they were cooking in the waffle maker, the smell filled the kitchen and I started to hate life. It was only for a brief moment. The moment of wishing that waffles were a super food filled with protein and veggies instead of junk. But I didn’t cave. I didn’t take a single bite even when P left some on his plate. Victory.

This morning I made smoothies for the boys. I make them taste like Orange Julius from the mall. They are delicious. Dangerously delicious. I knew I couldn’t even have a tiny taste. As I poured some smoothie into a glass, some dribbled off the side. It took all of the self-control I had not to lick the side of the glass before handing it to B. But I didn’t do it, which is good for several reasons. Victory.

Had to go to Target yesterday for a birthday present. Managed to walk by the Easter section without taking a second glance at the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Not an easy thing to do and thanks to retail being what it is today, I’ll have to avoid those damn eggs for another six weeks. While waiting in the checkout line I was forced to stare at the picture above. Shelf after shelf of Pepperidge Farm cookies. My favorites are the Milanos. In the past, I would have no hesitation of buying a package and plowing through half of the bag before dinner. Yes, I have actually done that before. But not this time. Victory.

All of these victories are starting to add up. I even managed to have enough energy to take our dog on a two-mile walk yesterday. It was only 30 minutes of exercise, but considering that all I’ve felt like doing the last few days is lay around and pout, this was yet another victory.

And now I’m off to do a little yoga. Abandoned my yoga practice well over a year ago, although calling it a “practice” is a little much. But I have always loved it so here I go.

I feel another victory coming on.

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