Hot and Sweaty for the Sweat Shack

I like to think of myself as an early adopter of healthier choices. When I hear of a healthy, new idea it’s not long before I’m trying it out for myself. I am always willing to give anything healthy a try. I see it as having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After reading about the benefits of infrared saunas, hearing a girlfriend talk about how much she loved it and seeing a short segment about it on the news, I knew I’d better hurry up. I didn’t want to be behind in making the latest healthier change. I headed down the street to the Organic Sweat Shack.
Saunas have been around forever. Growing up in the 70’s, I remember my dad having a sauna in our garage. The big yellow box with a door and a tiny window near the top freaked me out. Why would anyone willingly sit in there? I always feared getting trapped inside, not being able to get out. When I was older and went to a spa with a steam sauna I hated every minute of it. The small room and the hot steam made me feel like I was suffocating. I hated it.
My girlfriend promised me that an infrared sauna experience would be different. The list of health benefits from spending 30 minutes in an infrared sauna was long enough to encourage me to try:
  • sweating out toxins (This reason alone was enough for me to give it a try.)
  • heavy metal detoxification (Yes, please.)
  • increase in collagen production, skin tone, and softness (Who doesn’t want that?)
  • fat burning/weight loss (No brainer!)
  • relieves muscle tension and fatigue (That’s always a good thing.)
  • and stress relief… just to name a few!

Clearly, I needed to get over my sauna issues and go get in the box.

I loved my experience at the Organic Sweat Shack. I decided to go with The Clear Skin Sweat. The saunas use infrared heat as well as chromotherapy which is the science of using color to adjusts our body vibrations, each color possessing frequencies that help balance your body. My color was blue which promotes relaxation and calm. They also use Dr. Mercola’s essential oils as part of the experience. But before I could go in, I had to read up on sweat etiquette.

Then I was taken behind one of the curtains where the infrared boxes were hidden. I stripped down to my birthday suit per the sweat etiquette, grabbed my book (fearing I would get bored sitting there for 30 minutes), left social media and the outside world behind, and headed in.

Turns out the calming blue light might be awesome for chilling out but is not good for reading. I was forced to just sit and relax and listen to the gentle music which was a VERY good thing. It dawned on me while sitting there that I could combine my daily meditation with my sauna experience so that’s exactly what I did. It was a little strange at first, sitting there naked trying to mediate, but I quickly moved past the awkwardness and allowed myself to be in the moment.

I totally understand now how people are getting hooked doing this. I loved being warm and cozy in my little box. I didn’t feel trapped or claustrophobic at all. I didn’t start sweating until about halfway through, but I’m not a big sweater to being with. After my 30 minutes were up, I felt completely relaxed and would have stayed in there longer if I could.

Leaving the Organic Sweat Shack, I felt like I had just had a full body massage, not a deep-tissue kind but the kind that leaves you completely relaxed and at peace. For that reason alone I will definitely be going back, anxious to try other choices from the Shack Menu with different colors and different essential oils. I will be curious to see if I notice more benefits by making this a regular part of my routine.

Please note that I am not paid by companies or businesses to review their products or services. This is all me and my real opinions. I promise to tell you exactly what I think and if it’s worth your time and money. I got you.

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