Becoming a Badass

2017 Reflections

One of my favorite books that I read last year was You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. When you underline and highlight almost every sentence on almost every page of the book, it’s almost pointless. Of course, the title had me at “hello” but this book is way more than just a title. This whole book is a series of exclamation points and hearts and asterisks. It’s the kind of book that you know you’d be smart to read at least once a year for the rest of your life. One of my favorite encouragements from the book was to, “Smile, compliment, and crack people up as often as possible.” (pg. 112) I love that so much!

Along with learned to be a badass, there were lots of other things I learned about myself last year.

  1. Teenage boys get their periods too. Not literally of course. But the hormone swings and the bad moods and crappy attitudes are just as real in boys as they are in girls. I try to breathe through the madness much like breathing through a contraction. I’m still unsure which is more painful, birthing a new baby or a surly teenager.
  2. My day is better when I remember to meditate. I can’t explain all of the reasons why, I’m sure someone much smarter than me can, but I always have a better day when I meditate. I hold my selenite harmonizers, turn on my Calm app, and clear my head for fifteen minutes. Sometimes I repeat a mantra. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I repeat an encouraging word that I need that day. My meditation practice is never the same, but the benefits are.
  3. Cooking classes at Sur la Table are really fun. I’ve taken four classes now and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. My favorite was the homemade croissant class. There just anything better than a fresh, hot croissant. Except for a fresh, hot CHOCOLATE croissant. Derek and I even took one of their Date Night classes. Other than not being able to have wine with our dinner, we had so much fun and made a delicious meal that we’ve already repeated several times.
  4. Every once in a while, delete Facebook. Facebook can really piss me off sometimes. Yes, the whole thing with the Russians using it to pit us against each other is reason enough alone to delete it forever. But what also gets me is when I see a friend’s post or repost about a topic or issue that I don’t agree with. It makes me see them differently and I hate that. So sometimes I delete the app and take a break which I highly recommend.
  5. Being an Introverted Extrovert is a real thing. I was relieved to read that it is normal to be both an introvert and an extrovert. I’m about 80% introvert and only 20% extrovert. If you catch me being very extroverted, chances are I will have to go into hibernation for a couple of days afterward to recover. Too much extroverting makes me anxious. Social obligations stress me out, so I tend to cancel plans when I can, which stresses me out because I canceled on someone. It’s a vicious cycle. This explains it perfectly.
  6. Crystals make me feel better. If you come to my house, you might notice some pretty rocks scattered about. You might notice some stacks of bracelets on both of my wrists that I started wearing a lot last year. This is because I continue to read about the power of crystals. How I use crystals:  to calm my nerves, to cleanse the bad energy in my space, and while I meditate. This might sound all woo-woo or weird to you and I get why you might think that. Crystals are a tool from the earth that can be used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.
  7. Navy is my signature color. Last year I worked hard to minimize my closet and keep it that way. I identified those pieces that I gravitated to and found that it was always the navy or black pieces in my closet. So that’s all I wear or buy now, for the most part, and it’s been very liberating. I spend much less time fretting over what to wear because everything I have I feel good in.
  8. A good pillow is really hard to find. A girlfriend was telling me about a hotel on their trip to Italy where they were given a Pillow Menu. You could choose the pillow that best suits you during your stay. Genious! Best thing I’ve ever heard! I want to go to there! I’ve turned into that person who needs to take her pillow wherever she goes. And I hate it. But there have been too many mornings that I’ve woken up with a stiff neck or a bad headache that was all due to sleeping on the wrong type of pillow. Derek says that if we had all of the money back from all of the pillows that I have bought to try, I could buy myself a plane ticket to Paris.
  9. Pour over coffee tastes better. Last year we kicked our Keurig to the curb. Instead, we bought an electric kettle. It takes a little more time to make my coffee, but it’s so worth it. It just tastes better. And I feel better not to be adding more KCups to our landfills.
  10. Not everyone needs to know the backstory. I used to have a weird need to give you all of the details, even when you didn’t need or ask for them. I would call the dentist to cancel an appointment and I would find myself giving the receptionist all of the details about why I was canceling. Guess what? She doesn’t care. I’ve learned to shut up. People don’t care and I don’t blame them. I don’t want to know all of the details of everything in your life. Why would you want to know mine? So I’ve stopped. The less you know, the better.


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