Book Review: Wishtree

A book so nice you buy it twice!

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to buy two copies of the same book. I blame it on volume. When you’re constantly buying books it’s hard to keep track. That being said, when it comes to this sweet book I am more than happy to own more than one copy.

My youngest and I read her 2013 Newberry Award-winning book, The One and Only Ivan aloud together. And even though he is officially a teenager now, he was more than okay when I showed him Katherine Applegate’s latest book, Wishtree,  he was totally game to read it together.


“Somewhere in Los Angeles there’s a palm tree who insists on being called Karma, but you know how Californians can be.”

Did you know that trees have names? They do. This is a story about a tree named Red. Red a wise, old oak tree who is a home and a friend to many in her neighborhood. Red and a crow named Bongo (who is Red’s best friend) spend their days together. Most of their days are the same, leaving Red lots of time with her own thoughts. But things start to change when a new family moves in across the street.

Red is a wishtree. Every year on the first of May, people bring their wishes to tie to Red’s branches. Through the years Red has heard lots of different wishes, but this year will be special for lots of reasons. Red becomes the center of a story that is life-changing for Red and the neighborhood as a whole.

This story is full of characters: Red, Bongo, an old woman named Francesca and her two kittens Lewis and Clark, a family of raccoons all named You, and two neighbors named Samar and Stephen just to name a few. And you will fall in love with each and every one of them.


This little book contains a big story. I read this before sharing it aloud with my son and immediately knew that it was a story that I wanted both of my boys to experience. This story deals with a big issue (won’t be giving away any spoilers here) but shares it in a way that young children will be able to relate and empathize. It made me smile and giggle and tugged on all of my heartstrings.

Wishtree is the perfect book to gift readers of all ages. The story is the perfect combination of unique and timely that every reader will enjoy. I think you’ll enjoy this book so much, you might even accidentally buy it twice.



Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
Published: September 26, 2017 by Feiwel and Friends
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Where I Read: My son’s beside
Stephenie’s Goodreads Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Have you read this book? Did the ending make you hug it to your chest, never wanting to let it go? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments below and share your own review. 

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