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Much like my other parts of my home, the kitchen has its fair share of books. I never get tired of looking through beautiful cookbooks. I have to be careful and refrain from buying too many. (My book buying issues don’t discriminate.) But in the last week, three beautiful and unique new cookbooks were released and I couldn’t help myself.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, these would make a perfect gift for the mom who likes to cook. Or a present for anyone in your life who loves to cook. Or a present for yourself just…because. These are more than just cookbooks. SO much more. These are books that you’ll want to spend your Sunday afternoons with. Books that make will make you hungry, want to throw a party, redecorate your living room, and fly to France all at the same time.

Platters and Boards by Shelly Westerhausen with Wyatt Worcel


When I was in high school, sometimes my mom and I would put fruit, popcorn, cheese, and crackers on a tray and eat that for dinner in front of Designing Women or Murphy Brown. My best friend loved to come over on those nights because it was so different. Platters and Boards is all about “creating stunning and delectable spreads unlike any other.” There are board ideas for all occasions like morning brunch, a day on the beach, and of course book club! If you don’t cook in the “traditional” way. If you’re really good at throwing things together and calling it a meal, this is the book for you. The pictures will make your mouth water. You’re gonna want to start eating all of your meals this way.


Nathan Turner’s I Love California


I first saw Nathan Turner on Bravo’s show, Million Dollar Decorators. I LOVED that show and believe strongly that Bravo should bring it back. But until that happens, I’m oh so happy that Nathan has come out with his new book. And that it is all about my adopted home state makes it all the better! This is more than just a cookbook. Broken down by the state’s three regions: Northern California, Central California|Sierra Nevada, and Southern California, this book is filled with recipes, gorgeous photos, and style and entertaining tips. It’s the kind of book that you look at slowly so you don’t miss a thing. This book makes me want to throw a party and redecorate my house.


The Cook’s Atelier by Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini


Obviously, I love books, but I also have a thing for all things French. And I REALLY love when the two are combined. Marjorie and Kendall are mother and daughter from America who realized a dream by opening a cooking school in Burgundy, France. And now they have a new book. I’m not gonna lie. I’m insanely jealous of them. This book is filled with stories and recipes and GORGEOUS photos that will make you want to fly to France ASAP. Sadly I can’t fly there anytime soon, so instead, I will settle for learning the classic French techniques and recipes in this beautiful book. I’ll just bring France right here to Southern California.

You can purchase these wherever you like to buy your books! I highly recommend your local independent bookstore (if you have the option) to pick one up.

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