One Sentence Recommendations: April Edition

This month ended up being a big reading month for me. Depending on what’s going on in my life, I usually read on average about a book a week, so about four or five a month. This month I ended up finishing seven books (almost eight as I am about 75% through what I’m currently reading.) I really liked everything that I read and would recommend each of them. All of them were quick and easy reads that included a book of short stories, a memoir, a dystopian novel, and some contemporary fiction.

What I'veBeen REading Lately

Now, if you go back to the post at the beginning of the month to read what was on my “To Be Read” list, you will notice that I didn’t finish a single one of those books listed! Why would I do this? Well, the reasons have nothing to do with the books themselves and have everything to do with the woman choosing them. (That would be me.) I started reading a couple of them, and I’m still reading them, but there were other books that were demanding my attention this month. It happens. The good thing is they will still be there ready and waiting when I get around to picking them back up.

In this fast-paced world, and since you can read full reviews on each of these books either by scrolling through my recent posts below or visit my page on Goodreads, I thought I’d make your life easier and share a quick One Sentence Recommendation for each of my April reads.

If you love a suspenseful story that is exciting to the very end should read:
After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

afterannaROW Review | Goodreads Review


If you love stories that focus on complex, quirky characters in the big city you should read:
Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen

ROW Review | Goodreads Review


If you want to read a book that everyone’s talking about and that actually lives up to the hype, you should read:
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

ROW Review | Goodreads Review

If you like a book that unsettles you while remaining relevant, giving you a peek into a different culture you should read:
Speak No Evil by Uzodinma Iweala

Goodreads Review


If you loved books like The Glass Castle and Hillbilly Elegy, you are definitely going to want to read:
Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover


Goodreads Review


If you love good short stories that don’t pull any punches and tell it like it is, you should read:
You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

ROW Review | Goodreads Review


If you are a fan of dystopian novels, like this one that’s about literally taking away our voices, you will want to read:
Vox by Christina Dalcher

Goodreads Review

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