This Week’s List: 1.15.19

I was talking to a lady at pilates the other day about a recent favorite find that I was excited about. Near the end of our conversation, she thanked me for the recommendation to which I replied, “Of course! A great idea is meant to be shared.”

I love sharing a great idea. If we were meeting for lunch and you asked me What’s new? I would probably bore you with whatever new favorite thing that I had recently discovered. I am not an oversharer. No. I just like to share things that might make your life a little better, a little happier. Since I can’t sit down for lunch with all of you (so unfortunate) I’ve decided to share my great finds here once a week. Parts of the list will include links and some are just the ideas. If they make the list, it means that they were just too good not to pass along.

(And let me just state for the record, I am not in cahoots with any of these people, these companies, or whatever they might be selling. I don’t get anything for making these recommendations, just the warm fuzzies of sharing the love.)



  1. It seems everyone is Marie Kondoing their lives thanks to Kondo’s new Netflix series. I have always been a big purger, making trips to Goodwill with bags of crap multiple times a year. Thanks, Marie, but I’ve got this. See that picture above? It was on a  board that I had made for my room 30 years ago. A board that was sitting in my closet. Did it bring me joy (as Kondo suggests you ask of each item in your home)? Sure. But I saw the future and it involved my boys going through my crap when I was long gone, looking at the board and saying, “What the hell should we do with this?” So instead of making them decide, I took pictures of the board which I will file away on the magic cloud where they can be stored until the boys have to go through all of my iCloud photos and my boys can say, “What the hell should we do with these?”
    Where is the board now? On its way to the dump.
  2. Did you know that 40% of all of the food produced in the U.S. goes uneaten? Yeah, I didn’t either. Honestly, food waste was only something I thought about when I threw away kale so wilted it could never be revived. Our food waste problem is much, much bigger than that. That’s where the company, Imperfect Produce comes in. They collect produce deemed “ugly” by grocery store standards but is still perfectly edible. Then they sell it to us. This keeps perfectly fine food out of the landfill, supports local farmers, and keeps other valuable resources from being wasted. They will deliver a box of produce (organic and/or conventional) that you customize, directly to your door once a week. Visit their website where they explain all of the details and find out if they deliver in your area.
  3. Is there a podcast that you listen to every day? I have several that I listen to, but I listen to the podcast The Daily from the New York Times every day. Episodes are usually around 30 minutes long, a perfect amount to listen to while I’m getting my makeup on and getting ready for the day. Topics are current and always informative.
  4. Two packages arrived on my front porch and unfortunately, my husband was home. “More packages?” was his response when the doorbell rang to which I replied that horribly cliched wife line, “It was all on sale!” Cliched but true. J Crew is having a big sale right now where you get 50% off their final sale styles. If you’re a confident online shopper (since they can’t be returned) it’s a hell of a deal. My trick? If I’m not confident about a size, I buy a size bigger because I can always have them taken in or hemmed.
  5. Santa gave these to my boys for Christmas this year and we got them all set up before they headed back to school today. Teenage boys are prone to “misplacing” things, so these should be a godsend.
  6. And finally…

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