This Week’s List: 1.25.19

  1. My dear friend, Amy, was on a podcast this week sharing her passion for essential oils. She continues to challenge me to make healthier choices. Just one of the many reasons that I love her.
  2. I texted this YouTube video to my boys the other day. They informed me that they had seen it a long time ago. That didn’t keep them from watching and cracking up.
  3. In preparation for our trip to France this summer, I’ve been taking French lessons through Duolingo. I love it because I am actually retaining what I am learning and don’t get bored with the short easy lessons.
  4. Men need to take care of their skin too and should be using safer products to do so.
  5. Chanel presented their Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show at the Grand Palais in Paris this week. I love watching all of these pretty clothes.
  6. For the last several years I have been fighting migraines. It’s a whole big story, but this book has changed my life and I haven’t had a migraine since I followed his instructions.
  7. I first read about Mary Oliver in The New Yorker last year and sadly now she’s gone.
  8. And finally…

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