In Pursuit of the Perfect Plastic Bag

The other night we headed to campus for a men’s volleyball game. It wasn’t until I saw a woman walking out in front of the arena carrying a clear bag that it dawned on me: I didn’t have a plastic, see-through bag. I immediately started sweating, experiencing what I can only assume is some form of PTSD.

You might recall my post about having to throw my Marc Jacobs super cute, super nice, crossbody bag in the trash a year ago. (If you haven’t, you can read about the horror here.) Yes. I threw my bag IN THE TRASH ON MY BIRTHDAY and then had to hold all of my belongings in my lap while trying to cheer on my team while siting in the opossing team’s section, thus forever cementing the day as one of my worst.

This time, under no circumstances, was I going to be throwing my bag in the trash. (Luckily my husband’s office was nearby so I had a safe place to stash it.) Since it wasn’t a football game at a huge stadium we were going to, I hadn’t thought about needing to carry a clear bag. Apparently, other people hadn’t thought about it either. I watched a dad carrying a purse, a diaper bag, and a crying child struggling to walk back to the parking garage. Clearly (pun intended), I needed to buy a new bag.

The phrase, “I need to buy a new purse” usually makes my husband roll his eyes and mention something along the lines of, “What’s wrong with the 25 bags that you already have in your closet?” but this time he agreed. He had witnessed the trauma I had experienced at the hands of the nasty bag checker and had to listen to me for weeks (and weeks) until I had gotten it all out of my system. So when it came to buying a clear stadium-approved bag, he was all for it.

Now that every stadium and arena require them, clear plastic (or PVC) bags are more and more popular. There’s a lot of them out there at a lot of different price points. So I did what I do best – shop online – and here are some of my favorites that I found.

This cute bracelet bag from O-Venture is simple, trimmed in leather, and accessorized with a ring to carry around your wrist. $75

This one from Lilly and Louis on Etsy uses recycled Louis Vuitton bags to make this cute crossbody that can also be used as a clutch. $165.

When it comes to concerts and football games, a crossbody like this simple one from Mer-Sea leaves your hands free for other fun things. $59

I love Mark & Graham bags and this monogrammed option is right up my alley. $175

And these with the faux bamboo handles are so cute you might just want to carry it all the time. (The canvas tote inside is removable.) $54.99

I thought this one with tortoise handles was super cute. $39.80

And last but not least…

This authentic Chanel beauty is a little large for gameday, but that wouldn’t keep me from carrying it. Luckily for my husband, it’s already been sold.

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