Book Review: The Dreamers

I was reading my library book in bed when y husband asked, “How much does it cost to rent a book from the library?”

God bless him.

“Honey. It’s free. And you don’t rent them. You check them out. You borrow them.”

“So why wouldn’t you get all your books from the library?”

My thoughts exactly. One of my goals this year is to utilize my local library more. Putting books on hold is kind of fun. (Fun as long as you aren’t the 103rd in line for the latest hot read.) But the truth is, I have plenty of other books that I can read while I wait for my library requests to become available. Patience has never been my strong suit, but getting that email that your book – your FREE book to rent – is kinda exciting.*


A sickness has taken over the college town of Santa Lora in Southern California. People are falling asleep without warning and soon fear and worry descend among those who are still awake. One thing is clear: those struck with the sickness are dreaming. What they are dreaming and what those dreams mean is uncertain. Their eyes flutter, their limbs move like those in a deep, deep sleep, a sleep that you can’t be woken from. Before long, the entire town in quarantined off and the military brought in. Food and supplies are running low without anything or anyone being allowed in or out of the town. It almost feels that the town, and everyone in it, will soon cease to exist.


Such a unique story that captivated me from the start. Several stories keep the plot moving along. The book slowed a little for me in the middle (all it seemed was happening was more and more people succumbing to the sickness) but quickly picked back up toward the end. There wasn’t a nice bow to tie everything together at the end, and there were questions that were left unanswered, but that didn’t upset me much as it could have. The book ends with as much mystery as it began. The weird thing is, the mystery was part of the appeal of the entire book. One of my favorites? No, but I still enjoyed it.


The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
Published by Random House, January 2019
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Where I read: cozy in bed
Stephenie’s Goodreads Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

*Something only fellow book nerds will understand.



    Oh – how I would love library books so much more if I knew all the people who had their hands on them before I checked them out. And if they were sneezing on them or not. 😪 I just can’t do it. Maybe I need library book gloves? Or some counseling?

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