This Week’s List: 2.15.19

I was afraid that I might never be able to enjoy wine again because it aggravates my migraines. And then I found these. My husband was so happy they work he’s ready to buy stock in the company.

I hate deep cleaning the bathrooms but this little handy dandy gadget has made it a little easier (and kinda fun too.)

I follow two other blogs who I stole the idea for a weekly list of favorites: Whoorl that is full of cleaner beauty ideas and suggestions, and Everyday Parisian that is full of all sorts of good things with an emphasis on the City of Lights!

I hosted a Book Exchange Pop Up Shop last weekend. It was enough of a success that I’m excited to host another exchange in the coming months, this time with a summer beach read theme. (Will be blogging all about this soon.)

Had the absolute pleasure of going to an event for Dani Shapiro’s new book, Inheritance. The book and her story is so, so good I find myself telling anyone and everyone that they will love it. (Rarely is a book so universal that you can tell everyone that they should read it.) Just yesterday she launched a new podcast called Family Secrets. I’m excited to add it to my podcast library!

Soap Box Moment: Rachel Hollis and her bestselling book, Girl Wash Your Face, seem to to be full of positive messages. I realize that some of you might be a fan of Rachel and her work and it’s not all bad. But her message is at times tone-deaf and contains fat-shaming messages, accusing women who struggle to stay on a diet as being untrustworthy in all areas of life. She has also been accused of plagiarism, quotes she is pawning off as her own. (I have no problem with someone repeating great ideas, just quote your sources and don’t leave people believing it was all your idea.) So, before you recommend her book to your friend (or read it yourself) you might want to read this, and this, and maybe this.

And since I would never want to end on a negative note, think about this as you head into the long weekend…

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