Book Review: Inheritance

I have fallen in love with reading memoirs. There’s something about reading true stories about real people from the people themselves. And usually, their stories are fascinating, engrossing, and draw empathy from the parts of my self even that yearns to share my own story. But until that time, I will continue devouring captivating stories like the one Dani Shapiro shares in her latest memoir, Inheritance.


What if you took one of those DNA tests that you see advertised all of the time on television. What if you spit into a test tube, shipped it off, only to discover that your fathers really isn’t your biological father? That’s exactly what happened to Dani Shapiro.

On a whim in 2016, author Dani Shapiro decided to take an DNA test. That whim produced results that Dani never saw coming. Within 36 hours, Dani had discovered that her father wasn’t her biological father, searched for and found her biological father. This tenth book from Shapiro shares the author’s story of the unraveling of family secrets and her search for the truth.


This was the third memoir of Shapiro’s that I have read and by far my favorite. Her story is gripping, emotional, and unforgettable. I couldn’t wait to read this one (it was on my list of 12 I couldn’t wait to read in 2019) and quickly gobbled it up. I found myself wanting to tell my husband, my friends, and fellow readers all about it which is always a strong sign of a wonderful book. Yes, it falls into the “if you didn’t know if was true you’d never believe it” category, but it’s Shapiro as a master memoirist that makes this such an incredible story to read.

I was fortunate to attend an author event where the author talked about the book and answered questions about what it was like to share her story. Having finished Inheritance the night before, closing the book with a sigh of compassion and contentment, and then to see her sitting before me twelve hours later was surreal. For bookish people such as myself, seeing authors in real life makes me blush with excitement and at a loss for words. I am a true fan of Dani’s and was honored to take a picture next to her (even if I’m twice her size.) My recommendation is simply this: read this book.


Inheritance by Dani Shapiro
Published January 15, 2019 by Knopf
Genre: Memoir
Where I read: with a hot cup of tea in a comfy chair
Stephenie’s Goodreads Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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