Where do you read?

Podcasts are one of my favorite things, but I don’t listen to just anything. With so many great podcasts out there, I am pretty picky about which ones I choose to listen to.

One of my recent podcast finds is a new podcast called 10 Things to Tell You. Hosted by former Oklahoman and current Californian (sound familiar?), Laura Tremaine, this podcast covers all sorts of fun topics. You won’t regret adding this podcast to your listening library.

After each episode, Tremaine encourages you to journal about the topic covered during that show, whatever that might look for you. For me, this website has always served as my journal. A place to share my thoughts and ideas and yes, sometimes even my vulnerable emotions and opinions. Episode one asked several questions, Where do you read? When do you read? and finally, What do you read?

Here’s the truth and it won’t surprise you I’m sure. I’m never without a book. Be it a hard cover or my Kindle, I always have a book with me. I read all the time, whenever the mood strikes me. Does it matter that I have more pressing things to attend to, like getting all of the laundry piles off of the dining table and feeding my children? Not really. I’m all about filling my life with the things that bring me joy and for me, reading is at the top of that list. This one precious life is short, my dear friends. Do what makes you happy.

So when do I read? I like to read…

because I had to give up coffee which is a whole other post.
yes, listening to a book counts as “reading” a book.
because it makes it much less awkward.
I love being the only one in the waiting room looking at a book instead of her phone.
and I do mean always.

Where do I read?

This is easy to answer. A cozy chair is usually all I require when it comes to a happy reading spot, and lucky for me, I have several of those in my home. (Many more chairs that there are people to sit in them.) But the one chair that I like the best is a hand-me-down from my mother. Lucky for me, it wouldn’t fit in her new home. It’s soft and reclines and just like Goldilocks, fits me just right.

What do I read?

This question isn’t as quick and easy to answer because I read a little of everything. Contemporary fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, young adult, and thrillers. There just isn’t much I won’t read. I’m not a huge fan of romance (think I read enough of that in my 20’s) and horror is a no-go for me. I definitely prefer listening to non-fiction and biographies on Audible. I tend to choose my books based on whatever my current mood is and apparently my mood varies with lots of variety. For example, here’s what I’m currently reading:

literary fiction
young adult
contemporary fiction

No matter where, when, or what you read, the important thing is to be reading! And when you’re not reading, take a minute and listen to a podcast. There’s lots of good ones out there.

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