When I’m not reading: Throwing a The Office themed birthday party

The television show The Office is kinda a big deal around our house. It’s a family favorite. We turn it on almost every night before dinner, even if it’s just to watch part of one episode. So when I decided to throw my son a surprise party for his 18th birthday, giving it a Dunder Mifflin theme was a no-brainer.

All I can say is, God bless Pinterest and Etsy. How did we ever throw a party before these two wonderful inventions? Most, okay all, of the ideas that I used for the party came from these two sites. (I’ll link to where I bought the items below.)

We kept the party pretty simple, especially since it was for a group of older teenagers. All of the food was tied to the show in someway: Angela’s brownies, Stanley’s pretzel bar, Michael Scott Paper Company cheese balls, Kevin’s M&Ms, Andy’s Kit Kat bars, and pizza from Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe (not really.) I found cute signs that I was able to download to label all of the food. And since it was a birthday party, we had to have cupcakes and I found the perfect Office cupcake toppers.

For extra little fun additions, I used some reams of paper and the box they came in to decorate and found a couple of Funko Pop characters that were a fun addition. And of course I had to give him his own Dundie! There were many more things that I could have done that I just didn’t get to (Dwight’s stapler in jello for example) but for a simple at-home party I think it was plenty!

Of course, we had to have an IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY SIGN and balloons like the ones from the episode when Jim and Dwight try to throw Kelly a belated birthday party. And since the teenagers needed some sort of entertainment, I found a box of casino night games that they thoroughly enjoyed playing. And of course, we had The Office on in the background the whole time.

Overall the party was a huge success and my son was very surprised!








Food Signs: Ambers Awesome Art Etsy store

Cupcake Toppers: Picks and Stones Etsy store

IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY SIGN: Copy Kind Printing Etsy store

Funko Pop Characters: Amazon

Dundie: Amazon

Mug: Amazon

Balloons: Amazon

Casino Night games: Amazon


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