Book Review: Writer & Lovers

I first read Lily King 10 years ago when I read Father of the Rain. I loved it and identified with so much of the story and even remember thinking, “I can’t wait to read more by this author.” And then like many things in life, I forgot. Even when her best-selling book Euphoria was all over the place a few years ago I still didn’t make the connection. When I was approved for an advanced copy of Writers & Lovers a few weeks ago, I wondered if I had read anything else by King and looked her up on Goodreads. It wasn’t then that I made the connection that this was an author that not only had I read before but had thoroughly enjoyed!

I just finished reading Writers & Lovers and I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster. One minute I was loving this book, the next I was ready for it to be over. The whole book was full of so many ups and downs I’m not exactly sure how to feel. There were parts I loved and parts I didn’t love, but overall I’m glad that I went on the ride. But if you’re asking me if you should get on the ride, well, I’m not sure what to tell you.

One thing I am sure of is that I love King’s writing. So many beautiful sentences! And it was because of those sentences that I became very invested in the life of her main character, Casey, even if I didn’t always like her. I find it hard to like a protagonist who is somewhat immature acting and struggling to move forward with becoming a functioning adult. Casey, in her early thirties, is an aspiring writer who has recently lost her mother. Her love life is a confusing mess and her day job waitressing is a place holder for her dreams which she constantly questions chasing and seem to only fill her with crippling anxiety.  It wasn’t until near the end when her brother shows up giving her some much-needed advice that Casey is finally able to propel herself forward.

There were many sluggish sections of this book and I will admit that I wasn’t always compelled to pick it up, but I was invested and interested enough to continue to read. I know it seems like I didn’t like this book, but in truth I did. Thankfully the ending was very satisfying and (spoiler) I always appreciate and author who gives her protagonist a happy ending.


Thank you to Grove Atlantic for the advanced copy in return for my honest review.

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