About Me

Stephenie Bentley Freeman

A book club dropout whose TBR pile never stops growing regardless of reading five books at once. I have two teen boys and one husband who have piles of books of their own, but nothing compared to their mother’s. My book buying and reading addictions are problems I don’t mind having.

I read every day of the week, not just on Wednesdays. Even random days deserve a good book. My books of choice include contemporary fiction, memoirs, self-help, and the occasional children’s book that I force my young teenagers to listen to. I write honest reviews and share my thoughts with other readers who are looking for their next best read. There’s no such thing as a bad book, just books that aren’t for you. I love using my Instagram like Tinder: a place where books and book lovers can meet and find one another.

My writing and blogging life started in 2005 after my youngest son was born. I self-published a book in 2006 based on my weekly newspaper humor column about motherhood, Mama Wants More. I (briefly) blogged for Disney on what eventually became their site, Babble. Through the years, my blog has naturally evolved as I have which is a good thing on both counts. My choice to focus my blog on books and reading evolved for one reason: it’s what I love most.

Along with reading, I love to cook and I habitually redecorate my house. I’m legally blind and a New Year’s baby. I’m an optimist but I dehydrate quickly. I’m horrible at fixing my hair but a total beauty product junkie. I have a crazy, out of hand, book/purse/vacuum buying habit, none of which are related.


For anyone interested in submitting items for social media exposure (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and/or reviews (blog, Amazon & Goodreads) please contact Stephenie at readsonwednesdays@gmail.com for more information.