Stephenie Freeman

It’s all cuteness and pink!

So I finally got my last check from Disney–the last big money from the big mouse. I’ve gotta tell you, I liked getting those checks. For a writer it was decent money for simple, bi-weekly work. It made me feel like I was financially contributing to the family–made me feel not so guilty about the […]



“and on that farm they had a blast…e…i..e…i…o!” When I first told the boys last Thursday that we were going to a farm, they were less than thrilled. I told them that there would be farm animals and that we got to pick our own fruit and vegetables and that it would be awesome! but […]


Kid-proofing your home? Whatever.

Like most new moms, I was vigilant about baby-proofing my house. I made sure all of the outlets were covered, all of the lower level cabinets and drawers locked. I moved all of the medicine and harmful chemicals well out of reach and covered the the corners of tables with bumper pads. But apparently baby-proofing […]