Stephenie Freeman

Kid-proofing your home? Whatever.

Like most new moms, I was vigilant about baby-proofing my house. I made sure all of the outlets were covered, all of the lower level cabinets and drawers locked. I moved all of the medicine and harmful chemicals well out of reach and covered the the corners of tables with bumper pads. But apparently baby-proofing […]


1-800-Pet Meds

I’ve heard about pet insurance, but I’ve never actually given it much thought. We already pay insurance for our home, our cars, and our lives. Pet insurance just seemed like one more monthly bill that I would have to moan and groan about paying. Freddie went for his yearly exam last week. He was going […]


10 days is our limit

We’ve been away from home for ten days now, and my kids have had it. They’re done having fun and visiting relatives. They’re done swimming and playing on the Slip ‘N Slide. They’re tired, they’re whining, they’re covered in mosquito bites, and they’re acting as if they’ve been sedated. We’re ready to go home. Oklahoma […]