Stephenie Freeman

The Cheese: New glasses

The Cheese had an eye appointment on Monday. No big surprise the doctor informed us that he needed glasses. Really needed glasses in fact. Boy was he excited! Three other kids in his kindergarten wear glasses, so he had been asking for a while about wearing some. I knew that based on his genetic code […]


I’m worth what?

They briefly reported this morning on Good Morning America about a study that reported what stay-at-home moms are worth. Apparently, women like me are worth $138,000 in the real world. I must say, I was a little surprise…at how low the amount was! I’m worth triple that at least! The $138,000 takes into account the […]


The Cheese: Potty talk?

The Cheese Eater was outside in the backyard playing yesterday afternoon. I was quietly sitting on the couch reading a book. “Mommy? There’s scat in the yard,” he ran in to inform me. “What is ‘scat’?” I asked. “Mommy,” (rolling his eyes in exasperation) “…’scat’ is another word for poopy.” “Oh, well, I need to […]